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Five Alarm Funk – July 24th, 2014

Five Alarm Funk New Press Shot M (2)

Five Alarm Funk is coming to the Blue Grotto as a part of their Abandon Earth album tour! The concept album, describing the destruction of planet Earth by a giant robot, is the culmination of
10 years of relentless touring and the 9 musicians’ love for high octane, deliriuminducing dance music. Five Alarm Funk uses gruff funk vocals, psychedelic rock guitars, Balkan-inspired horns, intricate arrangements, and a few well-timed explosions to tell the tale of a technological behemoth rising from the center of the Earth and unleashing a torrent of natural disasters and monsters on humanity.

Tickets are available at the Blue Grotto and online: Go to ticketweb.ca to get your Five Alarm Funk tickets.

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